Sunday, May 6, 2012


To the Chancellor of the Exchequer

Dear Mr Osborne

Re : Immediate Settlement of All PPI Claims

On behalf of the British Public I order you to immediately FORCE BANKS TO PAY-OUT PPI NO QUESTIONS ASKED if a Claimaint has a  a policy that Conforms to the Defintition of PPI given by Financial Services Authority

The FSA  define Payment Protection Insurance as  43A non-investment insurance contract which has elements of a general insurance contract and the benefits of which are described as enabling a policyholder to protect his ability to continue to make payments due to third parties, or can reasonably be expected to be used in this way.

1.     FSA define Non-investment Insurance Contract  as non-investment insurance contract
2.      FSA define General Insurance Contract as general insurance contract
(in accordance with article 3(1) of the Regulated Activities Order (Interpretation: general)) any contract of insurance within Part I of Schedule 1 to the Regulated Activities Order (Contracts of general insurance), namely:
(a) accident (paragraph 1); (b) sickness (paragraph 2); (c) land vehicles (paragraph 3); (d) railway rolling stock (paragraph 4); (e) aircraft (paragraph 5); (f) ships (paragraph 6); (g) goods in transit (paragraph 7); (h) fire and natural forces (paragraph 8); (i) damage to property (paragraph 9); (j) motor vehicle liability (paragraph 10); (k) aircraft liability (paragraph 11); (l) liability of ships (paragraph 12); (m) general liability (paragraph 13); (n) credit (paragraph 14); (o) suretyship (paragraph 15); (p) miscellaneous financial loss (paragraph 16); (q) legal expenses (paragraph 17); (r) assistance (paragraph 18).2

For ease of reference :

Mr Osborne No questions were asked when we Bailed Out the Financial System. The Banks should Not be asking questions if a Complaintant has a ppi Policy as defined by FSA and should immediately settle.

This may cost more than the £5 Billion the British Bankers Associations claimed in their Judicial Review Claim  No : CO/10619/2010 claimed it would cost the British Banking Industry but if you are true to your word that you want to get the Economy moving again, getting the Banks to settle the Millions and Millions of claims still outstanding will immediately get Money Back into the pockets of ordinary citizens.

All replies to this Blog will be issued as a Petition for you to immediately FORCE BANKS TO SETTLE.

Why should ordinary citizens after 1 year still be waiting for compensation and possibly wait perhaps another year while the Financial Ombudsman deals with a huge back-log of cases, due to Banks simply refusing to settle cases Immediately


Toby Chambers


  1. The one answer for this is Do It Yourself.PPI claims are a JOKE,It is just another way for money men too skim the cream from people that have PPI Insurance.Mr Osbourne?you know im right!!!

  2. Even doing it yourself runs into Complications when Financial Ombudsman can not agree on the Definition of PPI

    I have a letter from Financial Ombudsman that they disagree with the definition given by the FSA.

    It is exceptionally difficult to challenge a Financial Ombudsman Decision as per

    You will also see there is a major Back-log at the Financial Services Authority as Banks are Not Settling