Friday, April 27, 2012

A Blueprint for Greek Economic Future

1. In the coming Greek elections people have to VOTE AGAINST MORE OF THE SAME.

2. Current policies have totally failed, they have only enabled the elites to transfer money out of Greece.

3. It is the Rational Expectation that eventually Greece will have to exit the Euro that is causing Capital Outflows from Greece in unprecedent historic proportions. This Capital is never going to flow back into Greece until such time as Greece Exits the Euro and returns to a different currency either Drachma or an alternative name for a new currency.

4. Despite many Greek concerns, exiting the Euro WILL NOT automatically banish Greece from the EU, far from it. In actual fact a Greek exit from the Euro would in fact potentially strengthen EU relations as it is the current economic tensions brought about by the currency unification that does not allow a currency devaluation as a quick and efficient method of restoring economic competitiveness that is causing the current European tensions.

5. On a Greek Euro Exit, The So Called "FIREWALLS" should only be used to ensure that current business contracts priced in Euro's allow for the currency adjustment, aiding a smooth transition.

6. Despite the fear of massive inflation in Greece on a Greek exit of the Euro, I would suggest as happened in 2008, there would be such a massive and quick unwinding of speculative commodities contracts as the financial system realizes the game is up that Crude Oil contracts would fall from the current over $100 Dollars a barrel to at least $50 Dollars a barrel. This would counter any new Drachma that may also halve in value.

7. While the initial value of new Greek Drachma currency will inevitably fall exceptionally heavily, as Capital inflows back into Greece take hold, the new currency will stabalize and will actually begin to rise as investors want to be part of a Greek Economic reconstruction. The stabalizing of the new currency and the Capital Inflows of capital that has fled Greece in the past well over 2 years now, will significantly reduce the need for Greece to print money and Inflation will not be as rampant as the many scare mongers of a Greek exit may claim

8. In any Greek economic restoration "Social Enterprise" should form the back-bone of the new economy allowing for all people to be involved and not just the few who may attempt to buy up assets on the cheap.

Whatever the eventual Political outcome on the 6 May for Greece, the world is praying for all the Greek people, that this will be the turning point and the powers that be implement an economic program that allows Greece to Default and Exit the Euro, as this is the only path for an economic recovery.