Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Berlin Wall Moment In History

Are we witnessing a Berlin Wall style of moment in history ?

The old guard is starting to fall

We have just had the Murdoch Report and his days are now numbered as an influenctial power base

We have French and Greek elections coming up this weekend. It looks very doubtful that Austerity will be maintained

We have the end of the Commodity Super Cycle

In reality the old powers have clung on since 2008 when the whole system should have collapsed.

We still have not dealt with the Banks but their days are numbered should Euroland simple SAY NO ENOUGH and simply default.

Do not get me wrong the shifts that are happening will be very disruptive for a period, but they will set the scene for prosperity. The worst case scenario is a War, but lets hope and pray the old guard go quietly.

This is a momentous week.

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